​​Mr./Ms.  Flat Iron Steakalicious - Ideal for the people that like to grill.  This cut normally come from one of our larger steers or heifers in order to insure steak uniformity and size.  Every thing that can be a steak is a steak, therefore it features Filet Mignon, KY Strips, Bone-In Ribeyes, Sirloins, Flat Irons, Skirts, Flank's and Tenderized Round Steaks.  Steaks are cut thicker than usual allowing for lower temperatures to be achieved with ease on all steaks.  Generous amounts of lean ground beef for burgers on the grill that won't fall apart or burn due to too much fat content.

Mr./Ms. Porter Thick Cut - Like to order extra thick steaks custom cut from your butcher, this one is for you!  One of our larger animals will provide over an inch thick on all premium cut steaks including Porterhouses, T-Bones, Bone-In Ribeyes, and even Sirloins. Lower temperatures are achieved with ease.  The Flat Iron steaks, Skirts, Flanks, Tenderized Rounds, and a whole Brisket should balance out the grilling season nicely, with copious amounts of lean burger that won't burn or disintegrate while grilling.  Don't share these monsters unless you want to brag!

Mr./Ms. Combo - Why not have the best of both worlds?  Features Filet Mignon, KY Strips, Bone-In Ribeyes, Sirloins, Flat Irons, Skirts, Flanks, and Tenderized Round Steaks all cut to the thicker side or normal, yet allowing maximum amount of steaks for the long summer grilling.  Limiting the amount of Arm, Chuck, and Rump Roast allows for plenty of extra lean burger.  Ideal for families that want to grill plenty, yet are adventurous enough to try new recipes.

Mr./Ms. Lean Grind - Just about everything that could be ground into burger was.  Now hold on, I'm not that crazy!  Still features premium steak cuts such as Porterhouses, T-Bones, Ribeyes, Flat Iron's, Sirloins, Flanks, Skirts, and Whole Brisket.  The burger is the big winner here, leaner that ground round by a mile and a taste that will blow your mind.  Spaghetti, Tacos, Meatloaf, Burgers you name  it, they will all taste better than ever.  Healthy kid friendly cooking here we come!

Mr./Ms.  Standard Cut - Nothing standard about this old favorite!  Some things are best unchanged.  Features premium cut steaks such as Porterhouses, T-Bones, Ribeyes, Sirloins, Skirts, Flanks, Minute and Round.  Plenty of Rump, Arm, and Chuck Roasts.  Two Briskets, Short Ribs, Cross Cut Shanks, Ribs, and Oxtails make this worth a look.  Steaks are cut close to an inch thick so grilling a hot pink center is not a problem.  Ideal for experienced chef who knows that the best things in life are worth the wait!

Mr./Ms. Custom Cut - Ideal for those who are familiar with specific cuts and want to fill out their own cut card.  Once the animal is ready, a cut card will be e-mailed to you.  It walks you through each section offering  you a variety of choices of how you would like it butchered i.e. amounts, thickness, specialty cuts.  I only recommend this choice to those who have had experience with freezer beef before and know exactly what they want,  

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