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Grass Fed Freezer

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The idea behind Grass Fed Freezer developed after years spent growing up on and later managing my family's cattle farm, Basin Spring Farms.  As the nutritional superiority of grass fed beef over its grain fed counterpart became more widely recognized there became a decided consumer trend toward grass finished animals.  Yet  despite the well documented health benefits of grass finished beef, one issue for many consumers is cost.  Grass fed animals are fattened more slowly and take longer to raise which makes their meat more expensive.  The best way to combat cost is to buy in bulk.  In 2010, Basin Spring Farms made the transition from raising  grain finished to all natural grass finished beefs for sale in bulk to family and friends.  However, we often found that many friends wished to purchase whole or half beefs but lacked the freezer space for storage, didn't have the capability to transport home without thawing, and were confused by pricing breakdown.  Another recurring problem was that many people were unfamiliar with completing the cut card, which specifies the custom cuts to the butcher.  In striving to assist friends and family with such issues it became evident that we could help more people take advantage of bulk pricing by providing not only the beef but also the freezer needed for storage.  We could simplify the ordering process by offering preselected popular cuts or simply assist with individual help in ordering the custom cuts desired.  And lastly, we could consistently maintain the highest quality of our product while making the experience even more effortless for our customers by transporting and delivering the purchased beef within the freezer, assuring the guarantee that no thawing will occur.   Thus Grass Fed Freezer was established.